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Because chocolate is a pleasure, a more intense pleasure when you get to know it better, let a trusted team of chocolate experts introduce you to this fascinating universe….: Xocolatt has a committed team of chocolate experts well prepared, leaded by Nuria,  to show you what it is all about.


The chocolate experts from Xocolatt; stir within us a common passion, chocolate, and a proposal: to promote the culture of  this fascinating and exquisite “ Delicacy of the Gods” as stated in it’s name “Theobroma Cocoa”; and share with you all the tips that will give you a full experience of this amazing world of legends, culture & pleasure. From the beginning till the end. “From the Bean to the Bar”.  

“Nuria was excellent! We sat down in Henri Le Roux and she provided a brief global perspective on chocolate beans. We had tastings at four chocolatiers. Not only were the delicious but also a feast for the eyes. Highly recommend!”, Steve A, US

Nuria, a chocolate expert

Firstly, from the renowned  chocolate company Cacao Sampaka, in Barcelona, and after, from her own project, Xocolatt, Nuria has spent more than ten years spreading the word of the culture of cocoa and chocolate throughout Europe and even in Japan, through workshops, tastings, pairings and presentations.


Nuria is passionate about many things, but chose to follow her passion for chocolate, “Because there are many things I am interested in: history, economics, legends, social behaviour, science, “Savoir faire” but above all it is one of the easiest ways to make someone really happy”.  Nuria has travelled to explore the Origins of Cocoa and has been to several cocoa plantations from Central America to Indonesia and throughout Europe, learning from the most prestigious chocolatiers in France and Spain.


A whole constellation of history, data, sensations and emotions that she shares and radiates with absolute professionalism and enthusiasm.

Nuria expert

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