Social Responsibility

Chocolate helps us remember

Participate in a virtual chocolate tasting led by our specialists in collaboration with @chocolatfactory.chf to become a part of the initiative @recuerdamealzheimer. This activity will allow you to travel through the chocolate plantations and awaken your senses while helping others. Moreover, using all of your 5 senses (sight, hearing, touch, taste, and smell) while tasting chocolate helps you keep your brain in good shape. Our experts are extremely grateful to be able to provide you with this incredible opportunity to help tackle Alzheimer’s disease. We are also hoping to collaborate with other important causes that promote health benefits in the future.

All profits go to the association Recuérdame. El principio de la desconexión.


Thank you to everyone participating in our virtual chocolate tasting at the Factoría de los vinos in Barcelona to support Jose’s commendable association Recuérdame: El Principio de la desconexión. It was our pleasure to host participants throughout the territory of Spain and Wales and carry out our work by promoting the culture of cocoa and chocolate while helping such a good cause. 

You can continue helping by contacting the association directly.