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To the left, two women smiling and posing with a bar of chocolate, in front of them on the table there are chocolate bonbons and cacao beans. To the right, A woman giving a virtual chocolate tasting presentation while wearing a Christmas hat and an elderly couple wearing Christmas hats at the background.

Xocolatt swears by delivering quality not only to businesses and corporate organisations but also friends, families, partners, and anyone in-between.


Our team of experts works hard to arrange face-to-face and online chocolate tastings for families and educational purposes. We also organise tours that offer you valuable insight into the world of chocolate and its origins.

Treat yourself and your loved ones to one of our exquisite events – let chocolate do its magic! Deepen your connections, get to know each other better, and improve your friendships, relationships, and family relations.

Chocolate Unites People

A person taking a piece of white chocolate from a blue plate and there are more people looking at her in the background.

Connect with your family members with through chocolate and have a fantastic experience! Give chocolate the lead in your everyday life. Spend valuable time together, celebrate important events, and enjoy its incredible tastiness.

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