Corporate events

When it comes to organising Corporate events, you need to take into consideration that not a lot of things are as popular as chocolate. All events related to this delicious catalyzer of happiness, harmony and positive energy will facilitate the work of your team, customers, contacts, brands and products.


Something that neuromarketing has discovered recently but the Mayas and Aztecs already knew: Cacao leaves an emotional footprint on its participants.

-Strengthen the connection between the team and the company with Team Building activities .

-Empower a brand or products with positive connotations in Brand Marketing events.

Dare to give it a try for your next corporate events.

Develop the appropriate ambiance to accomplish the event objectives with the invaluable help of chocolate and factors like surprise, discovery and pleasure. 


Pairings, tastings, all kind of chocolate experiences…we organise activities for “Corporate events” for all kinds of companies, such as Soho House, Suntory Whisky and Airbnb.


“Nuria took care of organizing a pairing of chocolates and wines at our company and it was a total success. She managed to keep people engaged with a well thought mix of interesting information about chocolate and the tasting itself. We loved discovering and experimenting the different combinations of wine and chocolate she presented. Highly recommended!”


Jordy Silva, Px EU Lead for Airbnb Dublin

“Nuria came to our offices and ran an event that consisted of a “History of Chocolate” class followed by a wine and chocolate pairing session. It was great!! As a large group it can be very difficult to keep people engaged and interested, however Nuria was wonderful.

She was informative, passionate, funny and got everyone involved, I would highly recommend Nuria to anyone looking to run one of these events – It was a breeze to organise, very professional and everyone loved it.”


Bethany Tejada, Customer Success Advocate for

Tell us the goal of your event and we will provide you with the special XOCOLATT touch.


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