Vegan and Plant-Based Chocolate: What Is It All About?

Two hands that are full of freshly harvested cacao beans.

Vegan and Plant-Based Chocolate: What Is It All About?

Have you been told that chocolate is not suitable for vegans? It’s time for you to stop believing this myth and enter a dairy-free chocolate dream. When sourced and produced in the right manner, this piece of delight becomes 100% plant-based. How? Read further and let us show you why you can treat yourself with no anxiety or guilt.


Chocolate is made from cacao beans that grow on cacao trees. It’s true that nowadays, more and more chocolate-producing companies add milk powder to their formula. However, the natural product is sourced from cacao trees and is therefore inherently a plant-based food. This means that dark chocolate is organic and perfectly suitable for vegans. What’s more – chocolate is an extremely versatile product that goes well with a great variety of tastes to create unimaginable combinations.


Incredible combinations you’ve never dreamt of

Chocolate produced with various nut and rice milks as an alternative makes for exquisite gustatory combinations when paired with other delicacies, such as almonds, dried fruit, passion fruit, Granny Smith apples, cinnamon, clove, mint, nuts, seeds and grains, truffle, or even red wine. The reason they mix so well lies in that all these foods are rich in antioxidants. According to research, these natural chemical compounds have positive effects on our physical and mental health. Many studies have shown that antioxidants help tackle psychological disorders and diseases, including Alzheimer’s disease, depression, and anxiety.


Practice social responsibility

Moreover, an essential feature of eco-friendly ideologies like veganism is sustainability – one of the core values that help us practice our social responsibility. A big part of this obligation is to be inclusive and this task becomes fairly easy when we introduce chocolate. Dark chocolate certainly carries something for everyone. Due to this fact, vegan pairings can be a nice treat not only for those who fear missing out on delicious chocolate due to their unique diets and lifestyles but also for anyone simply not used to plant-based flavours. For this reason, attending a vegan chocolate pairing is a nice way to treat your inner foodie regardless of your dietary requirements.


Veganism is not just a social movement, after all, but rather a type of philosophy with positive effect on one of the fundamental correlations of life – that between the health of the environment we live in and human health. Regardless of whether this change to your dietary preference is for environmental, health, solitary, and/or ethical reasons, challenging yourself to taste something a bit different helps to assume your part of social responsibility and increase positive impacts on the planet. Welcoming the taste of organic chocolate can be your way of saying ‘yes’ to something new and unfamiliar. Furthermore, your mindful experience will become immensely enhanced by the way its plant-based ingredients work to bring forth the best flavours.


Become more inclusive and add your tiny bit to diversifying the planet

Diversity is crucial for complete inclusivity. Recognising that foodie fans and lovers of chocolate come from different backgrounds, religions and ethnicities makes the full experience more accessible and rewarding. Inclusiveness works to reflect on and promote the compassion and justice in modern society. As a result, tasting rich combinations of organic flavours enhances solidarity with those who have dietary requirements and encourages them to form part of a wider society by including them rather than promoting their diversity. Consequentially, inclusivity promotes growth and heterogeneity which, in turn, boosts our creativity and strategical thinking.


Finally, vegan chocolate pairings are bringing inclusivity, diversity & ecology together. They’re a fantastic approach to taking better care of your health and becoming part of a greater fight to save the planet, even if only for an afternoon. Unlock the door to the vegan food universe and treat your nerves to an incredible fusion of organic, eco-friendly and sustainable chocolate with delicious plant-based food.

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