Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Attend A Face-To-Face Chocolate Tasting

Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Attend A Face-To-Face Chocolate Tasting

Are the levels of productivity within your team falling low and you’d like to find a fast, yet efficient way to motivate your employees? If your answer is “yes”, invite them to a one-of-a-kind team-building activity – chocolate tasting! Let your team relax, regain energy with the help of chocolate, and watch your business figures turn for the better. A true experience for all senses, chocolate tasting equips you not only with theoretical knowledge about the fascinating world of cacao and chocolate but also useful tips on how to practice mindfulness at your workplace. What’s more – the emotional footprint that cacao leaves on its consumers will help strengthen the connections within the members of your team and also highlight those between the team and the company.


If you’re still skeptical about the benefits that chocolate could bring for your business, keep reading as we elaborate on why face-to-face chocolate tasting workshops are one of the best ways to make your team more efficient and grow your business in 2023.


1. Chocolate tasting has positive effects on cognitive abilities

Healthy mind equals healthy body which, in turn, leads to empowered employees that maximise the value of your corporate success. A calm, lighthearted and well-rested person is bound to bring their best values to the table and find more pleasure in what they do. However, there’s no physical health without mental health, which is why the presence of chocolate at your workplace should become ever so important. Many modern studies show that the natural compounds found in dark chocolate – e.g. theobromine – can have great positive effects on both the minds of healthy individuals and those who struggle with memory loss. It has been discovered that daily consumption of dark chocolate can help the overall performance of the brain, leading to great economic achievements of your enterprise.


2. Face-to-face events are a great way to get to know your co-workers better

Do you remember your first day at work and the nerves that came with it? Imagine you could break the ice as easily and effortlessly as with a bite of chocolate! Fear not – even when you’re already well-established, know your place and value within the team, and feel like you know everyone and everything, chocolate tasting workshops are still a great way to strengthen the bond you’ve established with your boss and co-workers over the months or years at your company.


3. It’s not simply about having fun, but also a special practice to widen your horizons

While it’s true that we often associate chocolate with happiness and fun, this delicacy can teach us great things about expanding our horizons and keeping the mind open. Mindfulness is essential for success when confronting issues and dealing with stress at your workplace and chocolate is much more than just a taste of sweetness. Its natural compounds work in a way to awaken and provoke all five of your senses – touch, smell, vision, hearing and taste.

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