5 Ways To Increase Pleasure And Expand Intimacy This Valentine’s Day

5 Ways To Increase Pleasure And Expand Intimacy This Valentine’s Day

Do you feel like your relationship calls for making the move? Want to improve your sex life? Or maybe you think you’ve lost the spark and connection? Don’t panic! Come to a chocolate pairing session and build up your desire. You will be introduced to the seductiveness of chocolate – the structure of cocoa, manufacturing processes, and the sensual effects of chocolate. Additionally, it will contribute to expanding the intimacy in relationships by teaching you how to appreciate incoming stimuli, awaken your sensuality, and increase your pleasure.


Now that we have your full attention, keep reading as we discuss how chocolate pairing workshops will help strengthen your most intimate relationships this Valentine’s Day.


1. Physical activities bring us closer and build up desire

Maintaining a healthy relationship can be difficult sometimes, especially when we’ve been together for some time. Chocolate always does the trick to embellish relationships, and here’s why. Cacao is rich in endorphins and dopamine (two of the 5 hormones of love) as well as serotonin, and people who regularly consume dark chocolate show increased levels of happiness and satisfaction. Moreover, these chemicals function as mild sexual stimulants as they are associated to love-making and bring us closer by awakening our desire.


Our chocolate pairing sessions bring uniqueness to the routine – choose to experience a heavenly feat, and let us guide you through the depths of seductive sensual pleasure.


2. Chocolate tasting increases your energy levels

If you’ve been looking for ways to highlight your relationship, the first thing you need is a little energy to keep the flame alive. Fortunately, dark chocolate is rich in theobromine, an antioxidant responsible for its signature bitter taste, and flavonoids. These chemicals are responsible for improving glucose metabolism and contribute to generation of energy within our body. Therefore, habitual intake of dark chocolate will elevate your mood, improve your performance, and prepare you for action.


3. A combination of chocolate and astonishing delicacies improves your blood flow

Research shows that cacao-containing foods such as dark chocolate and cocoa act as mild stimulants to the central nervous system due to the fact that flavonoids improve cognitive function. Entertain your tastebuds and treat them to one of our pairing workshops. We will provide you with immaculate mixture of exquisite dark chocolate, fruits, dried fruits, truffle, cheese, and delicious beverages to intensify the pleasure and keep you in shape with foods that promote a healthy blood flow.


4. Chocolate pairing offers a healthy dose of competition to boost your libido

Establish a healthy competition with your partner and enter the game – play with chocolate to appreciate everything it has to offer. Feel the chocolate in your hand, look at it, smell the cocoa, listen to the sound it makes when you break it (snap!), smell it again for a stronger effect, and finally put it in your mouth to taste it. Slowly, without biting through it (yet)! Close your eyes or use a blindfold for an even more intimate connection with your combination of delicacies. Later, adapt your mindful experience and extend the game to the most private aspects of your relationship.


5. It’s an exercise in postponing pleasure to explore your sensuality

Unlike most traditional Valentine’s Day activities, chocolate tasting workshops teach you how to listen to the mind and the body, feel the moment, experience the stimuli fully, and create meaningful interdependent combinations. According to the neuroscientist and sexologist Nan Wise, PhD, the most important sex organ is your brain, and chocolate is a perfect fit to feel this connection. Let yourself become seduced, increase your sensual awareness, and take your relationship one step further.

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